Refund Policy

Tuition refunds are made for withdrawal from a course(s) when an official Schedule Adjustment (Drop/ Add) Form is filed with the Registrar.
Students may withdraw from a course and receive a full refund any time prior to the beginning of the course or during the first week of a quarter. The date of withdrawal is certified as the date on which the Schedule Adjustment (Drop/ Add) Form is filed with the Registrar (not the date of the last class attended). Failure to attend class does not constitute withdrawal. Students failing to properly withdraw from a course will not receive a refund.

Refunds are issued according to the following schedule minus any nonrefundable fees:
100% refund
75% refund
50% refund
25% refund
No Refunds
Friday 1st week
Friday 2nd week
Friday 3rd week
Friday 4th week
after the 4th week




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