Lordland Education Group awards a limited amount of tuition scholarship on a quarter to quarter basis to truly deserving students who meet the following qualifications:
• The student must be accepted for admission.
• The student must submit an application for scholarship
• The student must satisfy the scholarship requirements established by the Scholarship Committee of the university.
• The student must submit any additional documents requested by the Scholarship Committee required for assessing the student’s scholarship application.
• Apply at least two weeks prior to the beginning of any quarter.
• Maintain the minimum Standards of Student Achievement.
Students that are admitted provisionally are not eligible for university scholarships. Further detail regarding Lordland University’s scholarship programs and its requirements may be found at the administration office.
Following are some scholarships which have been established:
• Founder(CEO) Scholarship
• President's Scholarship
• Alumni Scholarship
• Academic Scholarship
• America Association of Counseling & Psychotherapy Scholarship
• Senior Citizen Tuition Scholarship
• Spouse Tuition Scholarship

Lordland Education Group is grateful for all donations towards research and teaching. We invite interested parties to contact us directly to discuss the various possibilities.
Lordland Education Group particularly encourages donations or monetary bequests towards Named Lectures and Scholarships. We recognise the significance of these gifts and believe that Lectures and Scholarships offer the most practical means of supporting cutting edge research initiatives from Life University’s programs. Scholarships support the best and brightest of our research students and provides them with the opportunity to advance our knowledge. Lordland Education Group acknowledges the kind bequests and donations that support the following initiatives




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