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Lordland Education Group that has been founded with the motto of 'Let's go to the Power Life!', has been doing its best to develop the potential powers that lie dormant in its inner mind-in its subconsciousness mind, and to cultivate the talented persons who have global capacities through the small number of elites educations, and, also to cultivate the worldwide personages with them. 
Also, over professors and staffs, faculties have been doing their best to present the best education and the various kinds of trainings that can assist students after graduating the school. Especilly, Lordland Education Group is the school that has been based on the love of the humankind, and that transcends human races, nationalities. That means that Lordland Education Group has been teaching the students who have global capacity, with original ideas, who absorb the various kinds of cultures and cope with the worldwide changes spontaneously and solve that kinds of problems. And, also, another goal is that after educating the students, let them make a magnificent contribution to the mankind. Our Lordland Education Group wants to spread and unfold your boundless, ambitious wings through Lordland Education Group with vitality, with energy. Furthermore, all of you can open the potential, and possible door that can be opened only by you, only through Lordland Education Group. We are looking forward to meeting you very soon

Charles K. Jung
                                                                              Charles kajin. Jung, Ph.D. & Ed.D. Chairman 

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