Professors and Faculty

Lordland University is interested in talented and qualified persons to pursue a career in Theology, Mission, Medicine, Counseling & Psychotherapy, Business Administration, Education, Social Welfare, and to achieve their full potential as mentors, teachers and scholars. Faculties employed by Lordland University must demonstrate substantial competence and have valid official credentials in their areas of teaching responsibilities. Faculty is shown within specific programs, however, faculty may teach courses within other disciplines/ programs in areas of their expertise.

• Dr. Moon Hyo Kim(D.Y.S., D.H.M, M.S., B.S.)
Covenant University(D.H.M), Lordland University(D.Y.S.), Hanyang University(M.S.) Yonse University(M.S.), Hanyang University(B.S), Hypnosis Career College(MHT)

• Dr. Taek Kyu Song(Ph.D., D.R.Ed., D.Min., M.Div., Th.B., M.B., B.A.)
Yuin University(Ph.D.), Lordland University(D.R.Ed.), Trinity University(D.Min.) The Presbyterian General assembly Theological Seminary(M.Div., Th.B.) Hanyang University(M.B., B.A.), Lordland Medical College(MHT)

• Dr. Alex Sang Kyu Park(D.R.S., Ph.D., D.B.A. ABD., B.B.A.)
Lordland University(D.R.S.), Covenant University(Ph.D.), Universidad Argentina De La Empresa(D.B.A. ABD.), Boston University(B.B.A), Hypnosis Career College(M.H.T)

• Dr. Abraham H. Song(Th.D., M.S.W, B.S.W.)
Lordland University(Th.D.), Georgia State University, Yonsei University(M.S.W.) Korea Christian University(B.S.W.), Hypnosis Career College(M.H.T)

• Dr. Grace D. Lee(D.R.Ed, M.Div, M.A., Th.B., B.A.)
Lordland University(D.R.Ed.), Washington Pacific Theological Seminary(M.Div., Th.B.) Lordland Medical College(M.T.)

• Dr. Youn Hee Lee(D.R.Ed, M.M, B.A)
Lordland University(D.R.Ed), New California Conservatory(M.M), Benjamin University(M.M) Cal State University Long Beach, Cal State University LA, Sangmyung University(B.A)

• Dr. Grace H. Joo(D.R.Ed., M.A., B.R.S., A.A.)
Lordland University(D.R.Ed.), Emmanuel University, Methodist Theological Seminary in America(M.A.), Southern California University, Lordland University(B.R.S.) The Presbyterian General assembly Theological Seminary(A.A.), Lordland Medical College

• Dr. Eun Ja Kim(D.R.Ed, M.A., M.R.S., B.A., A.A.)
Lordland University(D.R.Ed. cand, M.R.S.), Kyungwon University(M.A.), Paris College(A.A.)

• Dr. David Ui Kim(D.R.Ed. M.S., M.R.S., B.A.)
Lordland University(D.R.Ed., M.R.S.), Jongang University(B.A.), Hypnosis College(M.H.T)

• Dr. Ka Jin Jung(Ph.D., Ed.R,D, D.C.C, D.Min.ABD, M.Ed., P.C., M.Div, Th.B)
Yuin University(Ph.D.), Covenant University(D.C.C.), Lordland University(Ed.D.) Southern Baptist School(D.Min. ABD), Hannam University(P.C.), Daegu University(M.Ed.) Seoul Theological University(M.Div), Chongshin University, Anyang University(Th.B.)

• Dr. John Irwin(D.H.T., D.R.Ed, M.S., B.S.)
America Hypnosis Institute(D.H.T.), Lordland University(D.R.Ed), University of La Verne(M.S in Counseling Psychology), University of La Verne(B.S) Santa Monica City College(A.A), Hypnosis Career College(M.H)

• Dr. Jeong Un Kim(Ph.D., D.R.Ed., MSOM, M.S., B.S.)
Chungang University(Ph.D.), Lordland University(D.R.Ed.) Kyungsan UniversityUSA(MSOM), Wonkwang University(M.S.) Kyungpook National University(B.S.), Hypnosis Career College(M.H.T)

• Dr. Jin Sun Nam(Ph.D., D.E.M., D.R.S., M..O.M., B.A.)
Kensington University(Ph.D.), International University USA(D.E.M.) Lordland University(D.R.S.), Pacific State University, Dongguk Royal University(M.O.M.), Yonsei University, Hyein College(B.A.), Hypnosis Career College(M.H.T)

• Dr. Jong Kwon Lee(Ph.D., D.Y.S., M..O.M., B.A.)
Yuin University(Ph.D.), Lordland University(D.Y.S.), Dongguk University(M.O.M.) Beijing University(B.A.)

• Dr. Yuki Rhee(Ph.D., M.A., B.A.)
Southern California University(Ph.D., M.A.), Japan University(B.A.)

• Dr. Jung H. Cho(D.D., M.A., M.T., B.A.)
Puritan State University(D.D.), Fuller Theological Seminary(M.A.), Lordland University(M.T.) Los Angeles Christian University(M.A.), Yonsei University(B.A.)

• Dr. Lian Hua Jin(D.R.Ed., M.R.S., M.H., B.A.)
Lordland University(D.R.Ed., M.R.S.), Lordland Medical College(M.H.), Yanbian work’s University(B.A.), Lordland Medical College(M.H.T), International Education College

• Dr. Kang Il Lee(Ph.D., J.D., D.H.M, M.Div., B.E.)
Yuin University(Ph.D.), Abraham Lincoln University(J.D.), Covenant University(D.H.M.) Lordland University(D.R.S.), Yuin University(M.Div.), Seoul National University(B.E.)

• Dr. Seung Kyung Sung(D.R.Ed., M.Th., B.P.S.)
Lordland University(D.R.Ed.), Kernel University(M.Th.), Chungang University(B.P.S.), Hypnosis Career College(M.H.T)

• Dr. Andrew Y. Kim(D.R.A., M.R.S., B.A.)
Lordland University(D.R.A..), Lordland University(M.R.S.), Capital Theological University(B.A.), Lordland Medical College(M.H.)

• Dr. Sang Kil Lee(D.R.Ed., M.Div., B.A.)
Lordland University(D.R.Ed.), American Theological Seminary(M.Div.) Myunggi University(B.A.), Lordland Medical College(M.H.)

• Dr. Chang Kon Kwak(D.R.Ed., D.H.M., M.Ed., B.A.)
Lordland University(D.R.Ed.), Covenant University(D.H.M.), Dawon University(M.Ed.) Konkook University(B.A.), Hypnosis Career College(M.H.T)

• Dr.. Ginna Yu(D.R.Ed., M.R.S., M.O.M., M.H.)
Lordland University(D.R.Ed., M.R.S.), Dongkook University(M.O.M.) Lordland Medical College(M.H.)

• Dr. Kyeung Ryeun Choi(D.R.Ed., M.R.S., M.H., M.T.)
Lordland University(D.R.Ed., M.R.S.), Lordland Medical College(M.H.) South Baylo University(M.T.)

• Dr. Kang Myun Song(D.R.C., M.P.C. Th.B., MHT)
Lordland University(D.R.C.), Liberty University(M.P.C.), Sungkyul University(Th.B.) Lordland Medical College(MHT)

• Dr. John S. Ham(Ph.D., H.D.R.S., M.A., Th.B.)
Westminster University(Ph.D.), Lordland University(H.D.R.S.), Dongkuk University(M.A.) Chongshin University(Th.B.), Lordland Medical College(MHT)

• Dr. John Young Cho(Ph.D., D.Y.S., M.O.M., B.A.)
American Liberty University(Ph.D.), Lordland University(D.Y.S.), Donggook Royal University(M.O.M.), Amrican College(XT), Hanyang University(B.A.)

• Dr. Chung Ung Bae(D.R.A., M.A., B.A.)
Lordland University(D.R.A.), Dongkook University(M.A.), Kyungbok University(B.A.) Lordland Medical College(MHT)

• r. Sae Kwang Chung(Th.D., D.C.M., Th.M, M.Div., B.A., A.A..)
Faith Theological Seminary & Christian College(Th.D.), Enough University(D.C.M.), Columbia Theological Seminary(Th.M.), ChongShin University(M.Div., B.A.), Kyung Nam College(A.A.)

• Dr. Peter D. Woo(Ed.D., M.Div., Th.B.)
Lordland University(Ed.D.), Azusa Pacific University(M.Div.), Anyang University(Th.B.) Presbyterian Theological Seminary in America(M.Div.)

• Dr. Ja Min Ku(Ed.D., M.R.S., B.A., MHT)
Lordland University(Ed.D., M.R.S.), Inha University(B.A.), Lordland Medical College(MTH)

• Dr. Joseph Oh(D.Miss, M.Div., B.A., MTH)
Lordland University(D.Miss.), Faith Theological Seminary(M.Div.), Joongang University(B.A.), Lordland Medical College(MHT)

• Dr. Dae Suk Kim(Ed.D., Ed.M., B.A.)
Lordland University(Ed.D.), Fuller Theological Seminary(D.Min. cand), Hanshin University(Ed.M., B.A.)

• Dr. Ji Chan Jung(D.R.Ed., M.O.M., B.A.)
Lordland University(D.R.Ed.), California Trinity University(M.O.M.), Yonsei University(B.A.)

• Dr. Seung H. Suh(D.M.A., M.M., B.M.)
University of Southern California(D.M.A., M.M., B.M.)

• Dr. Sun Y. Cho(D.C.M., M.Dip)
Yeshua University(D.C.M.), London International Music College(Vocal), Music Conservatory F Torrefraca Italy,

• Mr. Inho Kim(M.M., B.A.)
Kyunghee University(M.M., B.A.), Daegu Arts University(B.A.)

• Miss. Dawa Chung(M.M., B.M.)
Sangmyung University(M.M.), Dongah Institute of Media & Arts(B.M.)

• Dr. Kate Layoung Choi(D.R.A., M.A., B.A.)
Lordland University(D.R.A.), Joongang University(M.A.), Chosun University(B.A.)

• Dr. Pyung Un Oh(D.Min, Th.B.)
Fuller Theological Seminary(D.Min), Institute of World Mission, Hankook Theological Seminary(Th.B.), Mokwon Methodist Seminary, Konkuk Professional College

• Dr. James S. Kim(D.R.A., M.Div, Th.B.)
Lordland University(D.R.A.), Kohen Theological Seminary(M.Div.), Covenant Theological Seminary(Th.B.)

• Dr. Heecheol Koh(Th.D., Ph.D. cand, M.S.W., B.A.)
Faith Theological Seminary(Th.D.), Hanyoung Theological University(Ph.D. cand), Myungji University(M.S.W.), Hanyoung Theological University(B.A.)

• Dr. Chang Chun Choi(H.D.R., M.R., B.A.)
Lordland University(H.D.R., M.R.), Dankook University(B.A.)

• Dr. Se Geun O(D.Y.S., M.O.M, B.A.)
Lordland University(D.Y.S.), South Baylo University(M.O.M.), Yonsei University(B.A.)



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