Emergency Plan

Campus Emergency Plan
In case of emergency, it is important to remain calm and to listen for instructions from personnel in charge, whether these are school personnel or an emergency response team. In all emergencies, someone should phone 911; if this is an emergency involving the whole school and is during regular office hours, someone in administration will make the call. If this is a personal emergency, such as a medical emergency, or after hours and the office is closed, the student or a capable friend or acquaintance should make the call to 911.
If you have not had a first aid course, you may want to familiarize yourself now with the first aid survival guide at the front of the white pages in the phone directory. It addresses a variety of medical emergencies and earthquake issues.
When you dial 911, be prepared to tell the operator:
• The phone number from which you are calling(Tel: (213) 250-7744, (213) 700-0886)
• The address (119 N. Belmont Ave, Los Angeles - if you are on campus);
• and any special directions of how to find the victim
• Describe the victim's condition
• Describe what happened; how many are injured; what help is being given;
• Give your name;
• DO NOT HANG UP until the 911 operator tells you; they may have special questions.

Medical Emergency
All students are encouraged to maintain a medical insurance policy for themselves (and their families, if they are head of household) while studying at Lordland University. A first aid kit is kept in the Registrar's office for minor medical care. Students are encouraged to provide their own first aid supplies as they know their potential medical needs better than anyone. Students are encouraged to visit their own physicians as needed to prevent medical emergencies.
In accordance with the Higher Education Act of 1965 as amended by Public Laws 101-542, 102-26, 102-325 and 103-208, all related to the Student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act, the University makes available to current students, prospective students, employees, and prospective employees, information about campus safety policies and procedures and statistics concerning whether certain crimes took place on campus.
The latest report will be posted on the campus bulletin board, and is available upon requested by contacting the Student Service Advisor or by writing to the administrative office. Any incidence is a cause of concern to the University. Therefore, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to report any crimes or suspected crimes to the Branch Director who will immediately notify appropriate local law enforcement agency. In the absence of the Branch Director other official, the individual should directly notify the local law enforcement agency.

In case of fire or fire drill on the campus, all persons are to proceed quickly and calmly to the main parking lot toward Vail Ave (in front of the building).

While we have experienced very little crime at Lordland University, the possibility is still very real. If you are the victim of a violent criminal act, or witness one, phone 911 immediately. Also report any crime to the administration offices at the earliest possible time. Students should use caution after leaving campus at night.


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