Statement of Ownership

The Lordland University is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service of the Department of the Treasury as an exempt organization(26-2616570) from California income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As a private, not-for-profit, public-benefit Corporation; gifts and donations to Lordland University are tax deductible. To meet the needs of its students, the University is organized into an educational delivery system based on the democratic process in which the student is the prime concern. In the quest for academic quality, the University has a commitment to increase and strengthen the quality of teaching in the classroom through trying varied teaching models, careful evaluation and feedback. Lordland Education Group is a nonprofit, public benefit educational institution that provides services supportive of students’efforts in succeeding academically, vocationally and personally. In order to fulfill its mission, the University strives to provide excellence in education by hiring well-prepared and experienced faculty and staff; by maintaining an updated facility that fosters educational growth in a pleasant and safe environment with modern classroom equipment and library facilities.


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